Centralized network security and IT management platform for business

Powerful network security and resource management tools that deliver centralized control.

Business antivirus

Antivirus is the most fundamental security function, critical to keeping connected machines safe from malware. Using the leading AV engine powered by Kaspersky Lab, GFI OneGuard delivers real-time protection from the latest threats. Using agents installed on each device and managed from a central dashboard, you can control scans, updates and every aspect of virus protection.

Patch management

Software updates are an essential defense mechanism for IT as well as ways to add features, fix bugs and optimize code. It is also a huge resource overhead that takes time and expertise to perform. GFI OneGuard uses proprietary GFI LanGuard technology to monitor patch status and roll out patches to hundreds of machines at once. You have full control of this platform as patch management can be fully automated or manually controlled according to need - all from a simple centralized UI.

Asset tracking

Keeping track of what exactly you have connected to your network and where it is located for network configuration purposes can be quite a challenge. GFI OneGuard makes this process easy thanks to our device discovery engine which crawls your network to audit windows devices that are connected. It can track and report hardware, software, patch levels and so much more, even on remote systems!

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Product brochure

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Other great features of GFI OneGuard include:


Fully featured reporting with configurable reports.


Instant messaging to help communicate system outages and issues.

Remote Shutdown

Remotely force shutdown or reboot a machine.

Upcoming features

More to come soon as GFI OneGuard is being continually developed!